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We are providing Mulesoft training in which yopu will learn about developing  APIs and integrations. Students will learn the process of designing, developing, deploying, managing, and administering APIs. Students will also focus on using Mule 4 to develop applications which can be used as API implementation and integration tools. The course prepares students for the MuleSoft Certified Developer exam. The course will let the students get a job of Mulesoft developer.


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Mulesoft Program Overview

Muelsoft courseMuleSoft is supported by a number of leading cloud solution providers, including Cisco, Salesforce and SAP.  Our Mule ESB certification course offers well-designed learning paths designed to build the certification skills needed to compete in an advanced technology environment. We offer results-oriented courses with a broad curriculum for students who want to implement up-to-date business applications.

Our Mulesoft online training provides the best knowledge of the Mulesoft approach to learn the benefits of the Anypoint platform, ESB and more with live experts. MuleSoft training will enable you to become a master in this field which includes Mule application basics, building, testing Mule applications etc. Our Mule 4 training module allows you to get MuleSoft certified.

Mulesoft Online Training Key Features

Who should take Online Mulesoft Training

The course can be taken up by anyone who wants to make a career in the field of programming. The course has been designed for freshers as well as experienced professionals.

Course curriculum

  • Application network and its benefits
  • Application development using API-led connectivity
  • Web services overview
  • API portals and directories concepts
  • Secure and unsecured APIs concept
  • Anypoint Platform components
  • Role of each component
  • Anypoint Platform navigation
  • Building integrations and APIs in Anypoint Exchange
  • Connect systems using Flow Designer through basic integrations
  • Use RAML to Define APIs
  • Creation of Mock APIs
  • Create API portals
  • Use Anypoint Studio to create flows graphically
  • Build, run, and test Mule applications
  • Use a connector to connect to databases
  • Transform data through Graphical DataWeave editor
  • RESTful interfaces creation
  • Connect API interfaces to API implementations
  • Anypoint Studio and Anypoint Platform Synchronization
  • Describe the options for deploying Mule applications
  • Deploy Mule applications to CloudHub
  • Creation and deployment of API proxies to CloudHub using API Manager
  • Restrict access to API proxies
  • Log event data
  • Debug Mule applications
  • Read and write event properties
  • Write expressions with the DataWeave expression language
  • Create variables
  • Pass messages between flows using asynchronous queues
  • Encapsulate global elements in separate configuration files
  • Usage of files in a Mulesoft project
  • Define and manage application metadata
  • Using web services having a connector in Anypoint Exchange
  • Consume RESTful web services
  • Consume SOAP web services
  • Use the Transform Message component for passing parameters to SOAP web services
  • Data transformation to a canonical format
  • Multicast events
  • Route events based on conditions
  • Validate events
  • Handle messaging errors
  • Handle custom and other errors
  • Use different error scopes
  • Write DataWeave expressions
  • Write DataWeave transformations
  • Global and local functions and variables
  • Use DataWeave functions
  • Coerce and format strings, numbers, and dates
  • Define and use custom data types
  • Call Mule flows from DataWeave expressions
  • Store DataWeave scripts in external files
  • Read and write files
  • Trigger flows while adding, creating or updating files
  • Trigger flows when records are added to a database table
  • Schedule flows
  • Use the Object Store to share data
  • JMS messages consumption and publishing
  • Use For Each Scope for using things in a collection
  • Process records using the Batch Job scope
  • Use filtering and aggregation in a batch step

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Mulesoft Course FAQ's

We offer 24 x 7 support via email, chat and phone. Our team of professionals can never let students go, so we have qualified tutors to help students get certified.

Our team of qualified mentors is provided by Mulesoft. They have advanced leadership and cloud management skills. The final process involves a rigorous selection process, special exams, and demonstration training before the trainer can train groups.

Intuitive Sessions allows everyone to participate in interactive Q&A sessions. It’s time to make training more interactive and hands-on! Anyway, we’ve provided recordings for each session so you can use them in the future.

Video recordings of all classes are provided so you can learn all the concepts.

We will include questions you may have to face during the real interview.

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