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AWS Developer training program of ours is a leading cloud computing program which prepares you for the AWS Developer Associate Exam. It could facilitate you to switch your career or lift to your much awaited promotion or get you a heavier paycheck from your employer. The prerequisites of this AWS training online is knowledge of a high level language  and handling AWS based applications. Prior understanding of serverless applications, AWS services and AWs best practices would be a plus.


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AWS Program Overview

AWS courseThis comprehensive program enables you to prepare for the AWS exam as well as the interview post your online training with us. 

In store : We got you fully covered till you are an AWS developer associate or Big Data Provider. The program not only contains the live led classes but also elaborative study materials, mock tests, query sessions and what not. 

Hands on experience: We have practical sessions based on real time industry oriented scenarios along with the video sessions by our certified trainers making sure you attain a better learning with us. 

Certificate : Your certifications would be valid for three years. Post that period, you are supposed to retake the exam. 

Opportunities : Endless opportunities post clearing AWS certification exam are available across the globe. We guide and assist you with landing in highly paid jobs.

AWS Certification Online - Key Features

Who should take AWS Course Online

Candidates who have the knowledge of fundamentals of computers and data processing can take up the course. Besides this, following people can pursue the course.

Course curriculum

  • Concept of AWS
  • History and background of AWS 
  • Overview of the AWS online training 
  • Learning Objectives of the course
  • Developer/Solutions Architect Overviews/DevOps Tracks
  • Setup of a lab
  • Foundation : 
  • AES CLI and SDK 
  • IAM – Identity and Access Management
  • VPC – Virtual Private Cloud
  • EC2 – Elastic Compute Cloud
  • Route 53 DNS
  • Simple Storage Service
  • Databases (EC2/RDS)
  • DynamoDB
  • Messaging: 
  • Simple Queue Service 
  • Simple Notification Service
  • Serverless Compute – Lambada
  • Elastic Beanstalk
  • Kinesis
  • API Gateway
  • Developing : 
  • Cloud formation 
  • AWS developer tools
  • Data Collection Systems
  • Data Structuring 
  • Storage format
  • Rules of S3 Lifecycle
  • Static Website Amazon S3
  • Accessing Control
  • Bucket Policies
  • Data Management
  • Analytics
  • Database Services
  • Launch of RDS Aurora Instance
  • Connection of RDS Aurora
  • Backup and Restore
  • Security – RDS
  • Replicas
  • Use Cases
  • Amazon Redshift architecture
  • Securing redshift architecture
  • Designing of query 
  • Designing of table
  • Workload management
  • Redshift Spectrum
  • IAM permissions
  • DNS in VPC
  • Environment : Access Data Stores and Development Endpoints
  • Authorization of Jobs
  • Programming ETL
  • Glue API
  • Ecosystem – AWS Big Data
  • EMR – Introduction, Architecture, Operation, Spark , Hadoop
  • Kinesis – Streams, Agent, Producers & Consumers

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AWS Course FAQ's

Yes, of course, you could definitely join us for a demo class for our AWS online training.

Yes, numerous mock tests are available to prepare you at the best.

Yes, we provide the best online materials on AWS cloud training

Our trainers at VerifySolutions have experience of over 15 years in training online.

We use Zoom or Google Meet to deliver the online AWS training. You can easily access those on either a laptop or mobile.

You would be provided with a video recording of that respective session so that you can keep up the pace of the course and no concept of training online goes missed.

You must be 13 years or more to take up the AWS online certification exam.

No, you could perform the required tasks regarding this AWS online certification without having coding skills too.

The passing score for foundation and associate level of AWS Developer are 700 and 720 respectively.

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