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SAP BPC (Business Planning and Consolidation) application unifies and streamlines the planning, budgeting, and forecasting process and can enable a faster close. Finance-owned and maintained, the application unifies planning, financial consolidation and management reporting for the enterprise – improving budget cycle times, driving compliance with regulatory and financial standards, helping reduce external audit costs, instilling confidence, and reducing business risk.

Course Contents


  1. What is SAP business planning and consolidation?
  2. Architecture and terminology
  3. Creating an application set
  4. Creating dimensions and properties
  5. Creating applications and applying dimensions
  6. Loading and validating data
  7. Working with BPC for Excel
  8. Developing input schedules
  9. BPC Comments
  10. Book publication
  11. Working with BPC Web
  12. Content library
  13. Live reporting
  14. Working with BPC for word and BPC for PowerPoint
  15. Security setup
  16. Work status
  17. Creating business process flows
  18. Enabling BPC Audit
  19. Creating input and report templates
  20. Creating better/(worse) variances
  21. Creating trend and multi-application reports
  22. Conditional formatting
  23. Creating expansions and drill downs
  24. Working with the control panel
  25. Filtering in reports
  26. Workbook options
  27. Custom suppression
  28. Adding indentation reports
  29. Advanced expansions
  30. Hot analysis
  31. Creating custom buttons
  32. Creating dynamic range exchange reports and schedules
  33. Budgeting system implementation overview
  34. Seeding the budget
  35. Defining modeling requirements
  36. Defining and creating budget input templates
  37. Creating and developing budgeting business process flows
  38. Foreign currency translation
  39. Inter-company eliminations
  40. BPC journals
  41. More emphasis on configuration end-user training provided by SAP
  42. How to use macros in BPC reports
  43. Custom menu with BPC macros
  44. Introduction to BI/BW Architecture data modeling and reporting
  45. Comparison of SAP BI to SAP BPC terminology and technology

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  1. Introduction SAP BPC
  2. Strategy and Road Map
  3. Version MS 5.1/7.0 & NW 7.0/7.5
  4. Overview of SAP BPC 10.1 Classic and Unified
  5. Modelling aspects in BPC
  6. Architecture and terminology(MS 5.1/7.0 & NW7.0/7.5)
  1. Creating and setup of Environment
  2. Crating dimensions, properties & maintaining members(Dimension Management)
  3. Creating Model & assigning dimensions to Model
  1. What is DM Package?
  2. Using standard DM packages
  3. Customizing standard DM Packages
  4. Creating DM Packages & Assigning them to the BI Process Chains
  1. Working with BPC for excel for reporting
  2. Developing reports using several cell based EPM Functions
  3. Creation buttons and assigning macros
  4. Advanced formatting options using properties
  5. Demonstrate building Complex reports
  6. Sample Income Statements, Balance sheet & Trail Balance
  7. Demonstrate building report reading data from multiple Model’s using EPM
  1. Security setup
  2. Task profile
  3. Member access profile
  4. Users and teams
  1. Loading transaction data using flat file
  2. Loading transaction data from NW BI info cube
  3. Creating a transformation file & Conversion file
  4. Using standard data manager packages
  5. Explain the optimization options
  1. Introduction
  2. Worksheet Logic
  3. Script Logic
  4. Business Rules
  1. Live Reports
  2. Publishing
  3. SDistribution and collection wizard
  1. BPC Audit
  2. System landscape and transports
  1. Details of Ownership and Rate Application
  2. Journal Entries
  3. Balance Carry Forward
  4. Currency Conversion
  5. Inter-Company Elimination & Matching

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