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General Project management and Business Analysis Overview


General Project Management and Business Analysis Steps


Phase 0. Project Governance


Phase 1. – Define Project Scope

Define high level Project plan and estimate

Output: Project plan
Organize AS-IS and Requirement workshops / Define your current process


Phase 2 – Document requirements ( using Visio, Word, Powerpoint )

Clarify and Confirm requirements with business user
Evaluate the FIT / Gap with requirements

Output: Requirements Document

Fit means product has the functionality

GAP means  Custom development
Conversions ( Master data )

Enhancements ( Custom development – like validation ( depends on your company – from your requirements)


Phase 3 – Future Design / Future State/ TO-BE State:

Define Future process
You can design on you own ( Functional design )
Define Future State Process flows
Define Project Technical architecture
some explanation of how you will work

Conduct Design workshops
Bring Experts and SME’s and other project members
Review design with PM, Stateholders and other
Develop Key Decision document ( KDD)

Develop Technical Design document
Complete the BluePrint / Design document / high Level Design

Output:  Blueprint/Design document / High Level Design


Phase 4 – Define Project Controls

Define Security Controls
Define Business process controls
Define Sox controls
rules by company organization or Gov

Define Security Design
Define Security Roles
Define Profiles
Define Authorizations

Output : Create a Security Design Document

Put Security Document in our blueprint.


Phase 5 – Development phase/ Realization phase / Build Phase / Config Phase

Develop Config rationale design ( CRD )
Develop technical specs for all RICEFW objects

Output: Configuration document / Realization document / Config Document

Output: Business process procedure  ( BPP)


Phase 6 – Testing Phase – Longest Phase of the project

1. Testing Strategy
2. Test planning
3. Testing phase
4. Testing preparation

Output: Develop test cases
Output: Develop Test data
Output : Develop test scenarios

1. Unit test
Unit test of  technical or Functional objects in silo
2. Systems testing – Testing System as a whole
3. Integration testing 1, 2, 3 – Cycles – Testing all the interfaces, you are testing everything end to End
Each cycle will be for 3 to 4 weeks – You are testing…..
4. User Acceptance testing 3 to 4 weeks – you are testing….


Phase 7. Cutover process – A process of Going Live, the sequence of objects that are going live

1. Cutover Strategy
2. Cutover Objects
3. Cutover Timing

Output: Cutover Plan

Go live – Congrats!

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