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SAP BW- Data Warehousing-Training Outline

Unit 1: SAP Net Weaver and BI: Overview, Positioning and Fundamentals

  • Fundamentals of Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence
  • SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence (BI) Overview
  • SAP NetWeaver Solution Delivery: IT Practice, Scenarios, and Usage Types
  • SAP NetWeaver Business Intelligence: Data Warehousing Overview


Unit 2: Objects in the BI Data Warehouse Layer

  • Data Warehousing Workbench
  • InfoProviders: Business Purpose
  • InfoObjects: Characteristics
  • InfoObjects: Key Figures
  • The BI InfoCube: An Extended Star Schema
  • Creating InfoCubes


Unit 3: Data Acquisition and Transformation from SAP Source Systems

  • Data Flow: Overview
  • Loading Master Data from an SAP Source System
  • Loading Transaction Data from an SAP Source System
  • ETL Processes and Loading Hierarchies


Unit 4: Data Acquisition from Other Systems

  • Extraction from Non-SAP Systems: Overview
  • Flat File Loading


Unit 5: Business Content

  • BI Content Discovery (Metadata Repository)
  • BI Content Activation


Unit 6: Other InfoProviders

  • DataStore Objects
  • Virtual Providers and Real-Time Data Acquisition
  • MultiProviders and BI InfoSets



SAP Business Intelligence – Data Staging & Extraction

Unit 1: Overview of SAP BW

  • SAP BW in SAP NetWeaver
  • Overview of Data Staging in SAP BW
  • BI Content


Unit 2: Data Transfer with the Service API

  • Connecting SAP Source Systems to an SAP BW System
  • Basic of the SAP BW Service API
  • Transfer of Business Content DataSources
  • Generic Data Extraction
  • Logistics Data Extraction
  • Enhancement of Business Content DataSources


Unit 3: Delta Management

  • Delta Management: Overview
  • Update Mode and Delta Process
  • Examples from Applications / Source Systems
  • Additional Notes


Unit 4: Transfer of Flat Files

  • Transfer of Flat Files


Unit 5: Data Transfer with DB Connect

  • Data Transfer with DB Connect


Unit 6: Data Transfer with UDC

  • Universal Data Integration


Unit 7: XML-Based Extraction

  • Using the Web AS SOAP Service
  • XML Data Load – Using a Web Service
  • XML Data Load Using SAP XI


Unit 8: Data Transfer with Third-Party ETL Tools

  • Data Transfer with Third-Party ETL Tools


Unit 9: Data Mart Interface

  • Data Mart Interface


Unit 10: Open Hub Service

  • Introduction to the Open Hub Service
  • Implementing the Open Hub Service


Unit 11: Application-Specific Extraction

  • Extracting Data from CO-PA
  • Extracting Data from FI-SL (Special Ledger)
  • LIS Data Extraction


SAP Business Intelligence – BW Modeling

Unit 1: Logical Model

  • Requirement Analysis
  • Logical Data Model
  • BW Data Model
  • Compare the Model with the Business Content


Unit 2: Tracking History and Hierarchies

  • Tracking History


Unit 3: Modeling Characteristics and Key Figures

  • SAP BW Star Schema
  • Characteristic InfoObjects
  • Key Figure InfoObjects


Unit 4: Modeling DSO/ODS Objects

  • Defining DSO/ODS Objects
  • Standard DSO/ODS Objects in the SAP BW Data Warehouse Layer


Unit 5: Multidimensional Modeling

  • Designing the Dimensions of the SAP BW InfoCube
  • Aggregate Modeling


Unit 6: Changing the Data Model

  • Modifying a Data Model


Unit 7: Administration of Data Targets

  • System Administration Tasks in BI: Overview
  • Administration of InfoCubes
  • Administration of Data Store Objects
  • Process Chains


SAP Business Intelligence – Reporting & Analysis

Unit 1: Introduction to BI Enterprise Reporting

  • SAP BI Overview


Unit 2: Navigating in Reports

  • Navigating in Reports


Unit 3: First Steps in the BEx Query Designer

  • Query Designer
  • InfoProviders in the BEx Query Designer


Unit 4: Key Figures

  • Restricted Key Figures
  • Calculated Key Figures
  • Properties of Key Figures
  • Structures and Cells


Unit 5: Characteristics

  • Properties and Attributes of Characteristics
  • Integrating Hierarchies into Reports
  • Creating User-defined Hierarchies


Unit 6: Variables

  • Variables


Unit 7: Exceptions and Conditions

  • Exceptions
  • Conditions


Unit 8: BEx Analyzer

  • BEx Analyzer


Unit 9: BEx Web Analyzer

  • BEx Web Analyzer


Unit 10: Information Broadcasting

  • Information Broadcasting Overview
  • BEx Broadcaster
  • Workbook Precalculation


Unit 11: Enterprise Portal Integration

  • SAP BI Portal Integration


Unit 12: Document Integration

  • Document Integration


Unit 13: Report-Report-Interface

  • Report-Report-Interface


Unit 14: Managing Query Objects

  • Managing Query Objects


Unit 15: Business Content

  • Business Content


Unit 16: Further SAP BI Reporting Tools

  • Further SAP BI Reporting Tools


Unit 17: Appendix

  • BW 3.5 Query Designer
  • BI Migration Aspects
  • Intercompany Elimination


Unit 18: Introduction to Query Performance Optimization

  • Introduction to Query Performance Optimization in BI
  • BI Aggregates
  • BI Accelerator
  • Statistics Overview

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Course Curriculum

Overview & Concepts
  • Overview of SAP R/3
  • Necessity of SAP BW & Version of BW
  • Data Ware Housing Concepts
  • Landscape of SAP BW
  • Integration of BW system with different systems
  • ERM, MDM, Star Schema & Extended Star Schema.
Objects in SAP BW
  • Info Area, Info Object Catalogs
  • Characteristics
  • Key Figures-Cumulative & Non Cumulative
  • PSA- Transfer Structure/Data sources
  • Transfer Rules
  • Info Source/Communication Structure
  • ODS- Info Cubes
  • Types of Info Cubes- Update Rules
Data Loading Using Flat Files
  • Master Data – Attributes, Texts, Hierarchies
  • Transaction data-Delta data loading
Data Filtration Techniques
  • Transfer Rules level
  • Update Rules level
  • Start Routines
PSA-Maintenance scheduling the data
  • Data Packet by Packet
  • Complete scheduling
  • Scheduling in background
  • Transfer Rules & Update Rules
  • PSA-Processing Types
  • Monitoring & scheduling data loading
  • Scheduling the jobs on periodic values
  • Cancellation & Deleting the back ground jobs

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