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Our Salesforce Developer certification training course lets you master this CRM tool. We provide the best online training classes to help you learn Salesforce Apex, triggers, Developer Console, MVC architecture, data validation, controllers, and much more. You will work on real-life industry projects in Salesforce PD1 & PD2 certification program.


Salesforce Platform Developer Course Content

Understanding Salesforce Platform
  • Understanding Salesforce Terminologies
  • Multitenancy and Cloud
Understanding Salesforce Metadata and API
  • Understanding Salesforce Architecture
  • Declarative vs. Programmatic Changes and Customizations
  • Application Development Tools in Salesforce
  • AppExchange as Application Development Strategy
  • Finding and Navigating Salesforce Documentation
  • Understanding Salesforce Trust
  • Summary and Quizzes


Data Model
  • Fields
  • Relationship Fields
  • Junction Object
  • Schema Builder
  • Summary and Quizzes and Recap
Business Logic
  • Data Management in Salesforce
  • Data Import Wizard vs. Data Loader
  • Exporting Data
  • Summary and Quizzes and Recap
  • Apex Development Process
  • Apex Development Tools
  • Apex Governor Limits
  • Summary and Quizzes and Recap

Understanding Salesforce PlatformPreview

Understanding Salesforce Metadata and API

Data ModelPreview

Business Logic


Overview of Data Types
  • Primitive Data Types
  • sObject Data Types
  • Enum Data Types
  • Collections Data Types
  • Operators
  • Summary and Quizzes and Recap
  • Logic Control Statements
  • Classes
  • Apex Class Variables and Methods
  • Access Modifiers
  • Class Constructors
  • The ‘this’ Keyword
  • Inheritance
  • Sharing


Standard Object and Field API Name
  • Relationships in Apex
  • Summary and Quizzes and Recap
  • Basic Syntax of SOQL
  • SOQL Functions
  • SOQL Variable Binding
  • SOQL “for” Loops
  • SOQL Keywords
  • Relationship Queries
Salesforce Object Search Language (SOSL)
  • SOQL vs SOSL
  • Summary and Quizzes and Recap
  • Data Manipulation Language (DML)
  • SaveResult Class
  • Transaction Control
  • Database.DMLOptions
  • DML and Loops
  • SOQL, DML, and Governor Limits
  • Summary and Quizzes and Recap
Apex Triggers
  • Triggers and Their Execution Order
  • Creating and Viewing Triggers
  • Trigger Context Variables
  • Understanding Trigger Events
  • Trigger Helper Class Pattern
  • Bulkified Triggers
  • Handling Recursion in Triggers
  • Restrict Save Operations with addError()
  • Apex Trigger Best Practices
  • Summary and Quizzes and Recap
  • Exceptions
  • Exception Statements
System-Defined Exception
  • Exception Methods
  • Catching Different Exception Types
  • Custom or User-Defined Exception Handling
  • Summary and Quizzes and Recap
  • Debugging Using Debug Logs
  • Anonymous Blocks—Another Debugging Tool
  • Summary and Quizzes and Recap
Apex Testing—Overvie
  • Overview of Unit Tests and Test Classes
  • System Test Class Methods
  • Accessing Private Variables and Methods in Test Classes
  • Test Data—Overview
  • Unit Tests
  • Summary and Quizzes and Recap
  • Application Development Lifecycle
  • Different Development Environments
Deployment—Migration of Applications and Components
  • Best Practices for Deployment
  • Summary and Quizzes and Recap
  • Visualforce Page—Overview
  • Understanding the MVC Pattern
  • How Visualforce is Architected
  • Tools for Visualforce Development
  • Visualforce Tags and its Syntax
  • Types of Binding
  • Using Static Resources with Visualforce
  • Summary and Quizzes and Recap
  • What is a Visualforce Controller?
  • Standard Controllers

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Course Curriculum

Object query language in Salesforce

Salesforce Wrapper and Test Classes

Using Iterator and Trigger operations

Batch operations and their importance

Scheduling a class using scheduling Apex

Deploying standard and custom controllers for new classes

Declarative interface and fundamentals

Various aspects, including data validation, security, and debugging

Preparing for Salesforce Platform Developer 2 and 1 certification

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