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Want to boost your monthly income potential ? at Verity we offer 90-10 bill rate split and EB2 Green card, start your career with us and call now 1-419-408-3178

TODAY about this exciting Opportunity! Verity Solutions Career & IT Professional Development is a coaching / consulting services that helps  IT Professionals choose, change, and advance their careers in the field of information technology. We offer Technical , career, professional development coaching to individuals and students privately or sponsored by their employers.

Our professional services include guidance in all areas of Technical skills, career management and life transitions including: 

  • Acquiring the high demand technical skills to be success full in the market
  • Career Assessments and self inventory
  • Establishing a strategic approach to career development and implementation plan
  • Coaching to increase the probability of finding the job
  • Personal marketing including resume development, interview preparation, and salary negotiation.

Our services emphasize step-by-step implementation of targeted plans to assist students in developing greater levels of career development success, effectiveness and success in work and personal settings. Our professional approach combines reflective insight with practical change strategies.

Services Offered by Verity Solutions:

Concierge IT recruiting for seasoned consultants: we know you are busy delivering projects and learning new technologies. At verity we offer 90-10 billing rates and will find you the next hot job that matches your skills at the best rate possible!.

We have highly skills recruiters around the world who can help you market your skills, take phone calls, arrange interviews and find the next big opportunity.

Call us today to start the process – 1-419-408-3178.

Verity is headquartered in Houston, Texas. We have been in the IT placement business for the past 15 years!. We understand career development, consulting challenges,  immigration and IT placements.

We are also hiring senior SAP consultants all modules and Andriod and Iphone application developers. Call us today  – 1-419-408-3178

Verity Solutions is a fast growing IT consulting company managed by top IT Professional who have contributed thousands of man hours for Big 4 consulting firms and Fortune 500 companies. Our clients list includes HP, Molox, Shell , Accenture, GM, Marathon Oil, Valero , AT&T and other. Verity provides services in various areas including SOA, Web Services, J2EE, .NET, Data warehousing, BI, ERP etc. We have trained and placed over 125 candidates over the past 15 years including many F1 students.

100% JOB Placement Guaranteed & On Job Support.  All graduates with OPT’S, CPT’S are welcome, there is no contract with Verity. We offer permanent jobs with top companies not consulting jobs!

We offer training in the below area:

  •  Big Data ( Hadoop , MangoDB )
  •  Oracle ,  SAP (All modules)
  •  Java/ J2EE Developers
  •  JAVA/ J2EE/ Struts/ Hibernate
  •  Mobile Application development ( ios, Andriod )
  •  Cloud Computing
  •  .NET ( VB and C#), advanced .NET, SQL Server and ORACLE.

For Masters degree students:

  • We provide training in area of interest, 85K USD starting salaries with fortune 500 companies, you will not work for us, you will for for top companies directly and $5000 starting bonus!
  •  We provide FREE accommodation and on Job support.
  • We provide Interview support, mock interviews, and proxy.
  • We provide FREE platinum level consulting material from years of exp.
  • We provide mentors who will help you every step of the way.
  • We provide free placement services and resume writing in return for 12% of your first yearly salary or one month salary.

OPT/ F1 Students: Call us today 419-408-3178 or send Email [email protected] and build exiting career in Information Technology. Get trained by industry experts and get technical advice during your projects at client place.

For that reason, Verity looks for people who:

  • Demonstrate the ability to think and act proactively
  • Work well with little or no direction
  • Possess a high level of industry or technology experience
  • Display high energy and an upbeat personality
  • Focus on excellence and customer satisfaction as their top priorities

In return, the company offers a competitive compensation and benefits package that commences on an employee’s first day with Verity. Benefits include medical, dental, and vision coverage; life insurance; business travel accident insurance; group legal assistance; short-term and long-term disability; flexible spending accounts; an employee assistance program; tuition reimbursement; vacation time; and 401(K).

We Offer H1B Transfer/With Project

  •  Get upto 95 % of your billing rate for consultants with 10+ years of exp.
  •  Open door policy allows your to review client contacts and Invoices submitted
  •  Get your client services expenses reimbursed before taxes. (conditions    apply)
  •  Get GC processed.

Call now or email TODAY about this exciting opportunity!


We are an E verified Company!
Careers at Verity Solutions
SAP as career option for OPT students
Students from other countries come to US For higher education, after they complete their education they are allowed to work in country as a trainee. This is also called optional practical training or OPT. Students have many career choices, they can pursue engineering, accounting, Finance or IT. They need to make a wise choice and find the right job. It is often a very difficult choice for OPT students to choose a career path. If money is the only consideration then IT  or information technology is the best bet. It allows them easy processing of green cards, and H1B visa. Generally USICS does not give out H1B visas for students in accounting or Finance. It is very easy to get Green cards in Information technology as they are many jobs and they are in shortage. Hence a majority of the OPT students enter IT and earn Green cards and settle in USA. Many OPT students come from India, they are called Indian OPT students.
Career options for OPT students in Information technology
Once a student has chosen Information technology to pursue  a job, the next big thing is to select the right technology. Again if money is the criteria then SAP is the right choice. Most high paying jobs are in SAP FICO module. Students can expect upto $150,000 USD after just few years in the industry. That is about 3 times what accountants or Teachers get paid. The career is also very exiting and sets you up for growth. Some high end consultants can make as much as $400 USD per hour. The  opportunities and growth are unlimited. OPT students also have an option to learn SAP MM, SAP BI/BW and the new SAP Hanna.  Below are some frequently asked questions and answers.
Q1. How do an OPT student get trained in SAP
Ans: We provide all the training for free, we give you live access and give you cases to practice, live practical problems to solve.
Q2. Can an OPT student really get a $85,000 USD job when the starting salaries for students is just 40,000
Ans: Yes, almost 100% of the students who get trained with us get a job, there is no catch it just takes motivation to learn. SAP salaries are higher and industry.

Q3. Do you provide accommodation for OPT students
Ans. Yes, we have guest accommodation close to the training center for free
Q4: How many students are in a typical class
Ans: Typically we have 4 or 5 students, most of them are from Texas based universities.
Q5: How long does it take to find a job and what is the future of IT
Ans: Typically it takes 4 month to train and find a job, in 2013 the future lies in big data and analytics, to get into this field you need a solid foundation of general IT, DB technologies, ETL tools, and domain knowledge.
Q6. Do you pay referral fee for introducing new students.

Ans: Yes, if you refer a student and if the student completes the training with us you get $1000 USD referral fee or a free ticket to India of equal value.


10 Steps to find a great job!
1. Prepare a really good resume that reflects your capabilities, your resume should have a story. Where did you graduate, why did you pick the companies that you worked on, what is your passion etc. For technical resumes do not cut and paste from your training notes, show your accomplishments and any difference that you were able to make.
2. Create small variations of the original resume, if not uncommon for candidates to have multiple skills such as finance and information technology, Accounting and supply chain etc. For Technical candidates you may be looking for ios and JAVA programming etc
3. Upload your resume to all the job portals but only in invisible mode.
4. Create a game plan and strategy, What kind of jobs that you like to find and where you would like to go. Search for jobs that you are interested based on your strategy. Many candidates will randomly search for jobs without having a clear strategy.
5. Use the resumes that you uploaded and submit to the jobs based on your interest.
6. Use Social networking sites like Linkdin to network with potential recruiters, Google top placement firms in your area and network with them
7. Prepare for the interview, be concise in your answers, do not mumble during the interview, make strong eye contact and express yourself using your body and hands, show passion in your delivery. For technical candidates, use the interview questions below to prepare for the technical questions.
8. Conduct mock interviews with your friends.
9. Dress to impress during the interview, look sharp and impress with your preparation
10. Negotiate your salary and accept a great offer!

Sample resumes for SAP FICO, SAP BI, SAP Treasury, SAP MM.
SAP FICO Sample resumes
SAP FICO Sample resumes
SAP FICO Sample resumes
SAP FICO Sample resumes
SAP FICO and Treasury resume
Sample SAP MM resume
Sample ASP .net resume
Interview Questions
SAP Bw Interview Questions
MM Interview Questinos
SAP FICO Interview Questions
SAP MM, SD , FICO and HCM projects
SAP SD case
SAP MM case
SAP HCM case
Training recommendations for Students based on degree program

DegreeEntry Level SalaryRecommended TrainingTraining DifficultyExpected SalaryExpected Hourly rateFuture Growth
Computer Engineering60KCISCO Networking, Embedded Systems, Visualization, Linux and Windows System adminMedium$100,000$80Stable
Computer Science60KIos, Andriod, Hadoop, Enterprise Mobility, JAVA-AdvancedMedium$110,000$100High
MIS60KSAP, Successfactors, Salesforce, OracleMedium$130,000$100High
Mechanical Engineering60KSAP MM, SAP PM, SAP QM, SAP PPMedium$100,000$100High
MBA-Finance or MS-Accounting60KSAP FICO, SAP FSCM, SAP Banking, SAP Realestate, Wallstreet, SunGuard, Project ManagementMedium$150,000$130High
MBA-General60KSAP HCM, Successfactors,, Project Management, SAP SD, SAP CRM, SAP any moduleMedium$110,000$120High
Civil Engineering60KSAP Real Estate, SAP LeasingMedium$130,000$100Low
MS Petroleum engineering60KSAP PRA, SAP JVA, SAP Upstream SAP DownStream, SAP is-oilMedium$130,000$100Low
Industrial Engineering60KSAP MM, SAP PM, SAP QM, SAP PP, SAP TSW, SAP EHSMedium$100,000$100Low


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