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Class Goals

  • Participants will gain Knowledge of SuccessFactors cloud based implementation including Introduction to Mastery, Goals management, Performance management, Compensation management and Employee Central. Users will get hands on experience in the implementation including weekly assignments and videos.




  • Future SuccessFactors Consultants
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Process Owner / Team Lead / Power User
  • Program / Project Manager
  • Technology Consultant
  • HR User
  • Students preparing for certification




  • Basic knowledge of HR process
  • Our Instructors are certified and have 15+ years in the industry
  • We deliver real time project based training.


Class Logistics
  • Classes are typically on Saturday from 9 to 1 AM CST
  • We record all the videos and will made it available if you miss the class
  • Class duration is typically 40 hours.
  • We provide all the training material and Class Videos
  • Assignments will be given to you after each week
  • We provide system access for 3 months
  • We give you a real life project after completion of the class
  • Instructors are available to support you at anytime.


After the Class Support
  • We help you with Resume preparation, Interview Support and Job application guidance
  • We can also connect with you on Social networks and provide references.
  • We provide Sample resumes and interview questions
  • We Support you for certification


Course based on software release
  • SAP Business Warehouse 7.4
    • Describing Data Warehouse Systems
    • Describing Data Warehouse Architecture
    • Using the Data Warehousing Workbench



    • Introduction to Mastery
      • Introduction to Successfactors Products
      • Instance, Provisioning Systems explanation
      • Technical Architecture


Demo Video

Module: Introduction to Mastery

1. Introduction to Successfactors Products.

2. Instance, Provisioning Systems explanation

3. Technical Architecture

4. Integration Technology/Tools

5. Bizxpert Methodology – Implementation Methodology.

6. Basic company settings in Provisioning System

7. Creating administrators in Provisioning System

8. Creating administrators in Instance

9. Instance basic settings – Passwords, Home Page, Welcome Menu, Comp info.

10. Administrator tools

11. Managing To DO List.

12. Manage V12 Home Page – Successfactors Home Page customization.

13. Theme Manager – Customization Organization Themes.

14. Admin tools 2.0 and the Old Admin OverView.

15. Successfactors Revolution UI

16. Commonly used terms

17. Default User Permissions.

18. Admin Privileges

19. Proxy Management

20. Setting up company Logos

21. Manage Data User Records

22. Employee Data File

23. Permissions

24. Password Policies

25. Email Notifications Cutomization.

26. Text Customization in Instance

27. People Search

28. Rating Scales

29. Route Maps (Workflow)

30. Launching forms

31. Modifying Existing Form Route Map Steps by Administrator

32. Employee Profile

33. Customizing Employee Profile (Layout Configuration).

34. XML and Data models

35. Custom Fields Creation in the Data Models.

36. Interfaces between SAP & Success factors (Data extraction)

37. Pick list Management.

38. Jobs Scheduling & Execution of Jobs in Success factors.

39. Success factors Language Packs.

40. Resetting user accounts or Passwords.

41. User Groups Creation

Module:: Analytics & Reporting

1. Introduction to Reporting

2. Activation of Work force Analytics Module in Provisioning System.

2. Introduction to Dash Boards

3. Set up process dashboards

4. Rating Scale Dashboards

5. Create Interactive Dashboards

6. Report Centre.

7. Manage Report Permissions

8. List view reports

9. Spotlight view reports

10. Spread sheet reports

11. Classic reports

12. Adhoc report Builder

13. Custom Reports Creation.

14 . Sharing Reports.

15. Single Domain Reports.

16. Cross Domain Reports.

17. Multi DataSet Reports.

SuccessFactors Bizx Mobile

1. Integrating SAP SuccessFactors with Mobile Device.

2. Employee Central On Bizx Mobile.

3. Time Off on Bizx Mobile

4. Manage Mobile users.

5. Enable Mobile features.


Introduction to Goals & Performance Management

1. Goal Management

2. Provisioning Settings for Goal & Performance Mgmt Modules.

3. Goal Execution

4. Overview of Job Families and Job Roles

5. Form Templates

6. Goal Plan Permissions

7. Goal Plan layout.

8. Stack Ranker

9. Mass Import of Goals

10. Integrating Goal and Performance Mgmt Modules.

11. Working with Goal and Performance templates (Xml Templates).

12. Performance Management v12

Module: Compensation Mastery

1. Compensation Management Introduction

2. Compensation Mastery Prework

3. 14 Step recommended Implementation process for Comp Mastery.

4. Setup Provisioning for Compensation.

5. Comp admin tools

6. Data Integration User Data File.

7. Compensation Plan Template.

8. Compensation Mastery Salary Sheet Management

9. Work Sheet Designer

10. Column Designer

10. Setup Look UP Tables

11. Setup Salary Pay Matrix

12. Currency Conversion Setup

13. Setup Job Code and Pay Grade Mapping Tables.

14. Compensation Eligibility

15. Compensation Guidelines

16. Assigning Route Maps to Compensation Template.

17. Multi-Dimensional Matrix for Guidelines.

17. Compensation Program Budget

18. Budget Rules

19. Setup Salary Proration

20. Creating Compensation User data Import and export of User Data.

21. Executive Review

20. Multi-currency review

21. Bonus Sheet

22 . Bonus Guidelines

23. Bonus Rules.

24. Stock Options

25. Rating Sources

26. Compensation Reporting (Rollup Reports, Aggregate Exports etc..).

27. Create/Delete and update Compensation work sheets.

28. Compensation Statement templates.

29. Compensation Statement

30. Recall Compensation Statements.

28. Admin Maintenance

30. EC Integration

31. Compensation Groups Mgmt.

32. Final exercise/Case Study.

Module: Employee Central Mastery – Core HCM

1. Introduction to EC

2. Basic provisioning Setup

3. Recommended 14 – step Implementation sequence for EC Implementation.

4. EC Navigation

5. Setup Super Administrator Account and Managing authorizations.

6. Data models and DTDs

7. Employee Central Structure.

8. Data model Management

9. Setting up Corporate Data Model

10. Setting up Succession Data Model

11. Setting up Country specific Data Model

12. Setting up Country specific Succession Data Model

13. Enable Business Configuration UI (BCUI) in Provisioning

14. Business Configuration UI to Maintain Succession Data model

15. Enable employee central and RBP

16. Update employee details

17. ESS/MSS functionality

18. Understanding security

19. Managing security with Role Based Permission.

20. EC as a system of record

21. EC Customizing and Populating Basic Foundation data

22. Customizing Country specific files in Foundation tables

23. Creating and modifying associations

24. Propagations (Creating Propogations Rules)

25. Importing Users data into employee central system.

26. Customization & Creation of Company, Department, division, Business Unit, Location etc..

27. Mass Changes

28. Customizing employee files.

29. Customizing CSF for Employee Files.

30. Position Management

31. Employee Central Workflow Configuration and Approval Process.

32. Employee Central Reporting

33. Online Report Designer

34. EC Payroll Integration

35. MDF – Meta Data Frame Work

36. MDF Objects creation

37. Global Employment

38. Generic Objects and Configuration of Generic Objects

39. Customer Specific Foundation Objects.

40. Business Rules setup.

41. Search of Inactive Employees/users.

42. Rehire Inactive Employee.

43. Case Study/Exercise

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Introduction to Mastery

  1. Cloud Solution and Saas Model
  2. Cloud and SF Architecture
  3. History of SuccessFactors
  4. Instance, Provisioning explanation
  5. Technical Architecture
  6. Integration Technology/Tools
  7. SuccessFactors – Sales demo and Professional System Set up
  8. Bizxpert Methodology – Implementation Methodology
  9. Basic company settings in Provisioning
  10. Creating administrators in Provisioning
  11. Creating administrators in Instance
  12. Instance basic settings – Passwords, Home Page, Welcome Menu, Company info, Employee files
  13. Administrator tools
  14. Instance- User Group Creation
  15. Instance Setting up Company Logo
  16. Commonly used terms
  17. Admin Privileges
  18. Instance Re-setting user Account or Password
  19. Proxy Management
  20. Setting up company Logos
  21. Manage Data User Records
  22. Employee Data File
  23. Provisioning Setting-Basic Company Setting
  24. Permissions
  25. Provisioning System-Super Admin Creation
  26. Role-Based Per missioning (RBP)
  27. Picklist Management
  28. Provisioning system-Default Permission and Role-based Training
  29. Text Customization in Instance
  30. XML and Data models
  31. Instance- Password Policies
  32. People Search
  33. Rating Scales
  34. SuccessFactors Data Model Configuration
  35. Route Maps (Workflow)
  36. Instance-Theme Manager Configuration
  37. Launching forms
  38. Employee Profile

Analytics & Reporting

  1. Introduction to Reporting.
  2. Activation of Workforce Module in the Provisioning System
  3. Introduction to Dash Boards
  4. Set up process dashboards
  5. Analytics 2.0 Overview
  6. Manage Report Permissions
  7. Cross Domain Report
  8. List view reports
  9. Single Domain Report
  10. Spotlight view reports
  11. Dashboard
  12. Spreadsheet reports
  13. Dashboard Portlet
  14. Classic reports
  15. Introduction to Dashboard
  16. Adding Portlet to Dashboard
  17. Ad-hoc reports
  18. Advanced Reporting

Time Management

  1. Creation of Holiday
  2. Creation of holiday Calendar
  3. Time off Process & Workflows
  4. Creation of Work Schedule
  5. Simple, Period Work Schedule
  6. Time Type
  7. Leave of Absence
  8. Manage Time off Calendars
  9. Manage Time off Structures
  10. Absence Management

Goals & Performance Management

  1. Goal Management Process
  2. Performance Management Process
  3. Goal Template Configuration
  4. Adding New Template from success store
  5. Old & V12 Goal Management Template
  6. Launching forms
  7. Import/Export Objective Library
  8. Integrating Goal Template with Performance Template
  9. Import Goals
  10. Core Competencies vs Job Specific Competencies
  11. Goal Execution settings
  12. Performance Management Process
  13. Route Maps
  14. Rating Scales
  15. Perform Spell Check
  16. Form Template settings
  17. Perform Legal Scan
  18. Route Forms
  19. Competencies
  20. Development Plan process

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    Training FAQ

    We are not an official Training partner for SAP and we don’t advertise that or claim that. All we do is that we have Sr. SAP consultants who are already Certified and working consultants, who share their knowledge with people who are interested in appearing for the SAP Certification. Certified SAP training is only available from SAP Education or one of its authorized training partners.

    The key prerequisite to take up all SuccessFactors training is “Introduction to SuccessFactors HCM”. Some SuccessFactors related courses have an additional prerequisite such as:

    1. Employee Central
    2. Variable Pay
    3. Recruiting Marketing

    It is named as SuccessFactors because explain behaviours which results to successful performance in the job.

    By using the job analysis information and suggestions from the HR and other managers in desired roles one can predict the SuccessFactors. It can be made easy by practice.

    There are seven data models are there in Employee Central.

    A range of different types of behavior which are relevant to a range of different job roles. However, the levels of job roles are not hierarchical.

    The three delivery models for SAP SuccessFactors HCM are:

    1. Hybrid model
    2. Two-tier Model
    3. Full-cloud HCM Model

    The SuccessFactors HCM suite contains the following applications namely:

    1. Employee Central – Core HCM System
    2. Performance and Goals – Performance and Goals Management
    3. Recruiting – Recruiting Management and Marketing
    4. Compensation – Employee Compensation Planning
    5. Learning – Learning Management System for training and learning activities
    6. Succession and Development – Succession Planning and Employee Development
    7. Onboarding – Employee onboarding solution for pre and new hires
    8. SAP Jam – Social collaboration and networking platform
    9. Workforce Analytics – Comprehensive Analytics and Reporting
    10. Workforce Planning – Workforce planning and resource allocation
    11. BizX Mobile – Mobile application to perform processes on the go