Verity Solutions

SAP S4 HANA Training

The course content is:

a) Simple Finance / S4 HANA Overview

b) Explanation about Simple Finance Add-on 2.0 (with thrust on New FI/CO Solution)

c) Key Functionalities in Simple Finance (Central Finance, New Ledger Concept, New Asset Accounting, ABCOPA,etc)

You will be delighted to know that Asset Accounting & COPA are the most revamped aspect of Simple Finance

d) Information about Deployment of Simple Finance

e) Some Key reports offered by Simple Finance

Since the configuration, per se, has not changed much, this training will be more of a Conceptual / Delta Training explaining what it offers, i.e. at par with Partner ramp-up sessions being offered by SAP today

It should be a good 20 hrs of training.