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The SuccessFactors Integration Center enables HR business analysts to build, deploy, and monitor simple file-based outbound integrations. You can build integrations quickly and easily through a guided workflow. Predefined templates are available and you can also create your own templates. You access the Integration Center from the Admin Center.
In the Integration Center, you can build customized file extracts using any data that is accessible through the catalog of SuccessFactors OData APIs. For example, you can use the Integration Center to execute or schedule a job to export a provider-specific OData object to SFTP, based on defined filter conditions and applying a provider-defined output order and file format.
The files generated in the Integration Center are directed to a configured SFTP server location. They are fully ready to be imported to the external provider system that needs synchronized data with SuccessFactors applications.


Through a guided workflow, you can create an integration from a starting entity or from a template. The starting entity acts as the point of reference for reading data from SuccessFactors, for example, person biographical info from SuccessFactors Employee Central. You can add data from other entities by navigating via data model relationships to fields in related entities. For example, if the starting entity is person biographical info, you can easily incorporate employment information using such navigation references. Think of the data as a hierarchy with the starting entity as the top of the hierarchy – analogous to file folders on a PC where the file folders can contain other file folders down to an unlimited depth.
You can also create an integration from a template. Predefined templates are available to help you, or you can create your own templates. For more information, see Browse the Integration Catalog and Import a Template [page 6].
The following procedure describes how to create a new integration from a starting entity.

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