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Succesfactors Assignment for EC

Write about SF EC data model in your own words
all 7 data models with examples using XML
What are foundation objects?
With foundation objects you set up data that can be shared across the entire company, such as job codes,
departments, or cost centers. You find more information about foundation objects in What are foundation objects?
[page 78]

In the XML file for the Corporate Data Model, you can make changes to the standard setup that is predelivered by
SuccessFactors. The following table lists all foundation objects that are included in the standard XML file. The
columns define the following:

  •  HRIS-element ID: This is the ID that is used to identify the foundation object in the XML files.
  •  Standard label: This is the label for the HRIS element that appears on the UI. You can overwrite this label. If
    no label is included in the standard XML file, then the label that appears on the UI is pulled from the backend
    system. To overwrite the label, add the corresponding label tags in the XML file below the corresponding HRIS
    element and put the new label text inside the label tags.
  •  Subtype: Foundation objects can be logically divided into four main areas:
    • Organization structures
    • Job structures
    • Pay structures
    • Other objects, such as event reasons, workflow, and dynamic roles