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SAP Successfactors Goals


1. Selected an existing Template and did a Save As with a different name( Admin Center  Goal Management  Mange template )

2. Modified the Start and End date from General setting.

3. Clicked on Save and returned to Managed templates4. User view of Goals.

5. Selected the template created.

6. Updated and added goal plans. Moved the goals between category. Edited the weight percentage.

7. Using the Display option added and removed the fields.

8. Admin Center  PM  Selected an existing template and did a SAVE AS <…>

9.Admin CenterCompany Setting Rating Scale

10 Selected an existing scale and did a save as and renamed

11. Admin Center Route Map  Create a new Route map from Library

12  Modifications Step By Step. Added the dates and date enforcement checkboxes and validations.

After modifying all sections in route map AdminPMManaged Templates2016 PB PM Annual Template

13. Updated the template to use the new Rating scale and route map created

14. Questions on the highlighted check box. What is the use/purpose of this check box.

Advanced setting option on PM template from General setting

15. Admin Center  PM Launch Form

After Launch, Logged in as CClark to view the template.

PM evaluation step? Not able to route the next step.