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Performance and Goals Overview

Performance and Goals Overview


Performance and Goals is a bundle of applications used to develop and manage your organization’s employees through the automation of talent management processes. The goal is to increase efficiencies and enable your organization to continuously manage the performance of your employees.


The SuccessFactors Performance and Goals bundle includes:

  • Goal management
  • Performance management
  • Stack ranker
  • Calibration
  • 360 degree reviews
    With Performance and Goals, you will be able to:
  • Help employees and managers align individual goals to the company’s business objectives
  • Deliver meaningful reviews to help ensure employee engagement
    and retention
  • Calibrate performance by reviewing ratings across your company
  • Develop employees and help managers provide meaningful feedback and coaching
  • Cultivate leaders and clearly identify not just high performers—but
    potential future leaders Performance and Goals helps to optimize what is arguably your most expensive and valuable asset—your people.


At the top of the screen on the right-hand side, you will see your name (or the name of the logged in user). Clicking the arrow to the right of the name displays a drop-down menu where you may access
Proxy Now (with permission), Options, Logout, or Admin Tools (with permission). Options allow users to manage their personal settings and preferences including passwords, notifications, language, forms, proxy, groups, and mobile access. To access the Options menu, click the arrow next to your name and select Options from the drop-down menu.

Users are able to change the following on the Options page:

  • Password
  • Start Page
  • Security Questions (if configured)
  • Turn on/off SuccessFactors email Notifications (with permission)
  • Accessibility Settings preferences
  • Assign/Become a Proxy (with permission)
  • Create Groups (admin only)
  • Activate a Mobile device

All activities in SuccessFactors rely on employee data, which is used throughout all SuccessFactors tools. This data can come from
multiple sources, including:

  • HRIS (either manually or automatically)
  • Spreadsheets
  • Databases
    Regardless of where your data comes from, it must first be organized and formatted to be recognized and accepted by SuccessFactors.


The three standard filter fields in SuccessFactors are DEPARTMENT, DIVISION, and LOCATION. These fields are displayed throughout SuccessFactors and are used for filtering information within reports and permissions.

There are also 15 custom fields that can be defined during configuration. All 15 custom fields can be made into filter fields that can be used in reporting (in addition to DEPARTMENT, DIVISION, and LOCATION).

The JOB_CODE field is an optional field and can be used to associate an individual with a role in the organization. As an administrator, you can assign competencies to these roles, which can be used in Performance, 360 Reviews, and other tools within the application. Job codes are assigned to employees to correspond to the job code that is set up within the system. This is discussed later in this guide.

Your SuccessFactors Professional Services Consultant will provide you with a .csv template. Rows 1 and 2 (System ID and Label, respectively) must be preserved, including all columns in the template. Row 2 labels can be renamed as desired during system configuration. The file format should be saved as a .csv file.