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Introduction to Mastery

A portlet is an individual graph or chart that is used on a dashboard. It is a reusable component that can be used across multiple dashboards. SuccessFactors has standard portlets that are available under the below  categories:

  • Process Status & Documents
  • Performance & Assessments
  • Competencies
  • Goals
  • Talent & Succession
  • Compensation


Exercise to add a portlet to a new dashboard

  1. Navigate to Reporting -> Dashboards
  2. Click “Create New Dashboard”
  3. Specify the Dashboard Name and Description
  4. Choose the Layout
  5. Click “Insert Portlet” and select the portlets to be added
  6. Click “Save Dashboard”


Exercise to view the dashboard you created with the portlets added

  1. Select “Reports” from the drop-down menu
  2. In the Dashboards drop-down list, choose the dashboard you created

Text Replacement
This option allows you to change selected words and replace them with a set of words that are specific to your organization.
Exercise to replace the word “Reject” with “Reconsider”

  1. Navigate to Company Settings -> Text Replacement
  2. Choose the language setting (English US in this case)
  3. Locate the word “Reject” in the column “Default Text”
  4. Type “Reconsider” in the column “Replace With Text”
  5. Click the “Save” button


Company Logo
The home page can be customized to display the logo specific to the organization.


  1. Navigate to Company Settings -> Company System and Logo Settings
  2. Enter the URL of the logo in the URLof the Company Logo textbox
  3. Click the “Set Company Logo URL” button


Picklists can be used to populate commonly used list of values. SuccessFactors allows picklists to be edited individually or allows bulk editing by export/import through Excel.

Exercise for Individual Edit

  1. Navigate to Employee Files -> Customize Employee Central
  2. Choose a field that uses picklist (for example Personal Info -> Suffix)
  3. Click Edit Picklist Values, make the necessary updates and click “Save”


Exercise for Bulk Edit

  1. Navigate to Company Settings -> Picklist Management
  2. Select the “Export all picklists” option and click “Submit”
  3. Edit the picklist you want to change in the excel file and save
  4. Select the “import picklists” option and specify the path of the excel file
  5. Click “Submit”


Role Based Permissions
Role based permissions is the access control technique used in SuccessFactors. It uses groups of people and a set of permissions to determine who can access what.

We do not have access to this feature currently
Job codes – Missing Functionality Online

Competencies – Missing Functionality Online
Route maps
Route Maps specify the order in which a form moves across the organization from one employee to the next. Route maps can be specified for processes such as Performance Management, Recruiting.

Route Maps can be created from the Manage Route Maps section. Successfactors allows you to create a route map from scratch or else you can use the Library as a template to create one.

Rating scales
There are two kinds of Rating Scales in SuccessFactors. One is used to measure an employee’s performance and the other is used in Matrix-Grid Reports.

Exercise to create a rating scale

  1. Navigate to Company Settings -> Rating Scales
  2. Click “Create New Rating Scale”
  3. Specify the details using the existing scores or choose “Build your own”
  4. Click “Save”


Exercise to create a matrix grid rating scale

  1. Navigate to Company Settings -> Matrix Grid Rating Scales
  2. Select the rating scale to be edited
  3. Make the necessary changes and click “Save Changes”


Groups in SuccessFactors allows a set of users to be managed. Permissions can be assigned to the group.

Users via UDF files
The User Data File is a comma separated value file that contains information about the employees of an organization. They are used to create or update information for multiple users.

To do this, the available template needs to be used. The template can be accessed from the Manage Users section
Unable to access this section  currently.

Why certain options are available in multiple sections for example Rating Scale, Route Maps are available in both PM and Recruiting
Matrix Grid Rating Scales is present in Company Settings and Succession
In SF, what are Rating scales used for other than PM reviews