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Here are the Frequently Asked Questions we get from Software Developers (current and prospective) about JavaScript. Learn JavaScript and improve your career prospects.


Why should I care to learn JavaScript?

JavaScript, originally created to add interactivity to websites, has since become indispensable due to its support for all browsers on all platforms (desktop, tablet and mobile). Along with HTML and CSS, JavaScript has become an essential web technology.  If you are developing a web application, you will need to know Javascript – period.


JavaScript keeps figuring in the list of popular programming languages and one could say developers are falling in love with it all over again. Key reason is the rise of Node.js which made JavaScript a credible language for full stack software development – the browser and the server. Being able to use the same language in front end and back end makes the job easier for development teams. In fact, JavaScript is the leading language in terms of the total number of repositories in GitHub (source:


Am I future proofing myself by learning JavaScript?

Given how quickly the popularity of computer languages rises and falls, that is a fair question. However, when you look closely at the core reason for JavaScript’s appeal, you also see why it is here to stay. JavaScript’s strong cross platform, cross browser support is unmatched by other languages. Further, as explained above, recent support for full stack development has further strengthened JavaScript’s position. With more and more services moving to the web and mobile, JavaScript will only increase in popularity. It is safe to say that JavaScript will stay relevant as long as people use the internet.


OK, but is it easy to learn?


Unlike other languages, JavaScript is easier to get started with as it is a higher level language, which means JavaScript abstracts away most of the complex details so you can focus on learning how to program. The syntax is similar to simple English making it easier for new developers to learn. What’s more, you can get started with coding JavaScript straight from your browser without needing a development environment, which is a reason many beginners seem to like it.


What are the career prospects? (aka “Show me the money”)

If your goal is to become professionally employable as a programmer, then it is hard to make a better choice than JavaScript right now. Consider some of the trends in the web development industry right now: real-time web sites that feel like desktop applications, heavy user-interaction on websites like drag/drop and keyboard interactivity, visualization of large data-sets and video/audio interaction. JavaScript is what makes these things possible, and thus, it’s becoming one of the most coveted skills in the developer marketplace today. There are over 42,000 jobs on with JavaScript as a required skill with a salary range of $65,000 to $115,000.

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