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Houston SAP HANA Modelling overview

  • Data Modelling

SAP HANA includes tools for data modeling, data and lifecycle management, and security. The SAP HANA modeling studio enables businesses to organize and manage data, leveraging compression and column-store techniques to allow analysis of tens of terabits of data in main memory. Data can even be partitioned to allow processing and calculation on-the-fly using multi-core processors.


  • SAP Business Objects BI Tools

With SAP HANA, you can establish connections with SAP Business Objects BI tools and directly leverage SAP HANA’s in-memory data, giving business users a complete range of insight and analysis capabilities for all high-performance applications. However, if users prefer to employ Excel or other tools and applications for insight and analysis, they can connect to SAP HANA through standard interfaces such as MDX or SQL.

  The SAP HANA Appliance refers to the server box purchased from a hardware provider such as IBM, HP, Dell, or any of the other SAP-approved hardware provider, with SAP software installed to enable real-time data replication, data modeling, calculation, and seamless integration with front-end BI tools. The SAP HANA Appliance contains a number of software components optimized to work within the hardware environment.


  • SAP HANA Database

The SAP HANA database is a hybrid in-memory database that combines row-based, column- based, and object-based database technologies. It is optimized to exploit the parallel processing capabilities of modern, multi-core CPU architectures. Currently, conventional databases store records in rows but storing data in columns, enables faster in-memory processing of operations such as aggregates.


  • SAP HANA Studio

The SAP HANA Studio provides an environment for SAP HANA administrators to manage and monitor the in- memory database engine and for BI architects to create powerful data models.